Randy Price for
State Senate
District 11

Let's Bring Common Sense Back to the State Senate! 


Dr. Brent Morris, Pediatrician

"Im Dr. Brent Morris. I'm a practicing pediatrician in this community and I want to voice my full support for Randy Price  for Tennessee Senate District 11.

Randy is a common sense guy with a common sense approach. He is here for all of us. As far as Medicaid, he's got it right. He's got both the tone and the numbers right. We need to support the medical care of our population. That includes 280,000-300,000 more Tennesseans that would gain access to medical care by the expansion of Medicaid in Tennessee.

We need Randy Price in Nashville to help make that happen."

Where I stand...

I'll support our teachers!

I believe public education is a cornerstone of our republic and our economy.

I'll work to increase teacher salaries and resources to help them do their very important job.

Common sense vs. Nonsense!

There is a lot of important work that needs to get done to better Tennessee schools, improve infrastructure, and create jobs.

 Let's quit wasting time on frivolous legislation like naming state rifles and playing political favoritism.

I'll work hard just for you!

If elected I'll meet with any constituent to discuss what we can do to better the 11th District and the state of Tennessee.

I'll listen to you and then I'll work hard for a better, safer, healthier Tennessee! 

Where I stand...

Health Care

I believe everyone should have the right to affordable healthcare and to determine their own medical care, along with their doctor.

Equal Rights

I believe every citizen has the same rights granted by our Constitution, be they male, female, straight, gay, transgendered....black, white, brown or any combination there of.

Why Change?

Too much walking the Washington party line and not enough working for all of the people of the the 11th district and Tennessee. 

Our elected officials work for us!

We need your help!


This is a grass roots campaign that will need your help. Sign on by joining below.

We'll soon have an opportunity in politics! 


Above all else vote. I need your vote.
Get friends to vote. Help a neighbor vote. It's that important.


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A donation of any amount will help and be appreciated. 

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