Price for
TN State Senate
District 11

Let's Bring Common Sense Back to the State Senate! 

Where I stand...

Healthcare in Tennessee

I will vote for Medicaid expansion in Tennessee. 

My opponent and his side of the isle blocked debate on Medicaid expansion.

Denying Tennesseans affordable healthcare, closing rural hospitals, costing rural jobs.   

I will vote to bring Medicaid home!  

Jobs, Wages and Growth

I will be pro business...pro job growth...and  

Pro Worker.  

As the state and business succeeds, the workers must succeed as well.

I'll work to support worker rights and work hard to promote better wages and good solid jobs.

I'll Support our Teachers

I believe public education is a cornerstone of our republic and our economy.

I'll work to increase teacher salaries and resources...and improve our schools.

I'll vote to help them do their very important jobs!

Where I stand...

Common Sense vs. Nonsense

There's a lot of important work  to get done.

Healthcare, education and schools,  improved infrastructure, jobs.

Let's quit wasting time on "naming state rifles" or worrying about who wears what brand of sneakers.

Equal Rights for all Tennesseans

I believe every citizen has the same rights granted by our Constitution.

Be they male, female, straight, gay, transgendered, black, white, red, brown or any combination there of.

Why Change

Too much walking the Washington party line.

Rejecting Medicaid expansion being one of many examples.


Elected officials
work for us!

That is  what I will do.


"He's got both the tone and the numbers right..."

"Im Dr. Brent Morris. I'm a practicing pediatrician in this community and I want to voice my full support for Randy Price  for Tennessee Senate District 11.

Randy is a common sense guy with a common sense approach. He is here for all of us. As far as Medicaid, he's got it right. He's got both the tone and the numbers right. We need to support the medical care of our population. That includes 280,000-300,000 more Tennesseans that would gain access to medical care by the expansion of Medicaid in Tennessee.

We need Randy Price in Nashville to help make that happen."

"We believe you'll be a strong voice for working families."

Dear Mr. Price. 

We are pleased to inform you that the Executive Board and COPE Committee of the Tennessee AFL-CIO Labor Council has selected you as one of our endorsed candidates for the upcoming general election. We believe you will be a strong voice for working families at the Tennessee legislature. On behalf of ourselves and our affiliates congratulations on your endorsement.

Billy Dycus, President

Tennessee AFL-CIO Labor Council

"I support Randy Price for TN State Senate."

"Tennessee citizens are ranked among the least health in the entire country. Over 300,000 make to much money to qualify for the ACA help, but not enough to buy insurance on their own. Medicaid Expansion would address this GAP...and it wouldn't cost taxpayers any more money! But Todd Gardenhire and Bo Watsonhave opposed expanding Medicaid in TN, costing the state to lose out on over$5 Bbillion since 2014.

it's time to replace Bo with someone who cares about Tennessee citizens. Support Randy Price for TN State Senate.

Jim Webster

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