About Randy

Who I am and where I'm from

My family is from East Tn...I grew up as a 'teacher's kid'....my dad and grandfather were teachers and school principals. I grew up with loving parents who kept home and hearth together on a teacher and school bookkeepers salaries. Believe me we watched what we spent, accounted for every dollar, and they made it work. 

I’m married with a grown daughter and two bonus children about to turn 18 and 21. Like most folks, we work for a living and deal with making ends meet at the end of the month. 

I have enjoyed a 38 year career in broadcasting but while still in radio, I've had to leave my "on air" position to run in this race

Why I'm running.

I’m running because I’ve been following what comes from our General Assembly in Nashville...and I see a lot of nonsense.....but not a lot of Common Sense. 

Too much walking the Washington party line and not enough working for all of the people of Tennessee and the the 11th district. We need to remind our elected officials they work for us!

Here's what I will work towards.

I'll listen first, and then represent you and the 11th District...for a better, safer, healthier Tennessee....PERIOD.